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Teachright Norfolk was launched in 2020 by Jack and Luke. They are recruiting for education roles throughout the county. They both possess many years experience in the education recruitment industry and are passionate about matching excellent candidates with their perfect school.

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Meet Our Norfolk Team

Our Teachright Norfolk team possess experience in a variety of education and recruitment roles. 

Jack Curtis
Education Specialist

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Luke Emery
Education Specialist

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Sarah Mitchell
Managing Director

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School Jobs in Norfolk

When you're looking for school jobs in Norfolk, it quickly becomes apparent that there are a huge number of available opportunities. No matter where you are in your teaching career, you will find not only are there a huge number of currently advertised teaching jobs in Norfolk, but there is also a wide range of support roles as well. From teaching assistant jobs in Norfolk to vacancies aimed at supply staff, there may be more opportunities for the next step in your career than you might have thought. If you're looking for school jobs in Norfolk, here are all of the facts that you need to know.

Types of teaching jobs in Norfolk

There are many different occupations in the education sector, and not all school jobs in Norfolk are the same. Many will be targeted at experienced professionals who are on the lookout for their next teaching job in Norfolk, while there are also a high number of alternative positions available as well. You could be looking at supply teacher positions, or moving on from graduation and looking for your first chance at getting a teaching assistant job in Norfolk. So wherever you might be in terms of your career goals, you can be sure to find the perfect position that matches all of your needs. Even a quick look at the vacancy listings reveals that there are more school jobs in Norfolk available than ever before.

Large Variety of Roles

Norfolk is a bustling city, and it has a huge number of primary, secondary, and alternative educational facilities, and that means there are always going to be vacancies when it comes to school jobs in Norfolk. Whether you're looking for learning support jobs in primary schools or a role covering a classroom, you can be sure that there are vacancies to match what you're looking for.  

There is a high population of younger generations which increases the number of opportunities available for those looking more at higher education positions. This means you have a better chance of finding a full-time position as a secondary school teacher teaching a specific subject, such as English.

Teaching is always going to be a rewarding, if stressful, career choice. However, with the high calibre of education available in the city, there is always going to be high demand for teaching jobs. Whether you live locally or are planning to relocate, a school job in Norfolk could be the perfect next step for your career.

From those that have only just left university and only have a few hours of classroom experience under their belts, to those that have spent years in the classroom, there are more teaching opportunities available in Norfolk than ever. Take your time to find the perfect school jobs in Norfolk, and your next career step will take you one step closer to your goals.